War Child International and War Child Europe

The War Child family is made up of three implementing organisations - in the Netherlands, the United Kingdom and Canada - as well as fundraising offices in the United States, Australia, Ireland, Sweden and Germany.

War Child Holland forms a group with War Child Sweden and War Child Germany to make three offices in Europe. Each organisation was founded - and operates - independently but all share a common vision and mission to support children and young people affected by armed conflict. The German office is a new addition - launched in 2019 - and is opening up access to significant new sources of institutional funding. This came with a strategic move to leverage our relationship with institutional donors worldwide in order to raise our profile and directly invest in international account management.

Julie Hrudova

The War Child International initiative sees the three implementing organisations move towards closer cooperation. Our shared set of fifteen standards helped guide our operations throughout the year - resulting in the removal of duplicate projects, staff positions and systems in several key areas of operation.

2019 also saw us focus our attention on creating a Shared Programme Platform for War Child Europe to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of our work and facilitate new opportunities. This will pave the way for the launch of further War Child organisations in neighbouring countries in the years to come.