Contribute to Positive Change

Our primary concern is the enhanced wellbeing of children forced to live with the effects of armed conflict. We nevertheless seek to contribute to positive change - on a social, cultural and environmental level - in everything we do.

The capacity building of our partner organisations and the sustainability of our operations are two key concerns. Through working closely with local communities, training local staff and sharing best practice models, we empower local partner organisations to continue our work long after we have left a particular country.

Rosie Thompson

As part of this process, we also work to promote the hiring of local staff to execute our programmes wherever possible. In total we employed 389 members of staff in our programme countries during 2019. Just 22 of them were expats - the others all local employees.

We also - in support of our social entrepreneurship efforts - have a Responsible Fundraising Policy in place. This policy - developed with War Child UK - states that we will not accept money from entities whose commercial activities conflict with our mission or could negatively impact upon our programme participants.